Nutrition Counseling & Body Composition Assessments for Dancers

Nutrition Counseling for Dancers

Nutrition is personal and everybody is different!
But for all of us; food = energy = live = ability to dance = life.

Dancers are aesthetic top athletes that need optimal nutrition for vibrant and energetic performance. We provide individualized nutrition counseling for dancers of all levels and styles seeking to:

  • Optimize dance rehearsals & performance
  • Optimize dance teaching, energy level and fitting the right foods into a tight teaching schedule
  • Improve body composition (we are ISAK registered)
  • Manage weight and balance health
  • Prevent or recover from injuries and/or learn how to adjust your food intake while injured
  • Optimal nutrition when dealing with a food allergy,  gluten intolerance, or celiac disease/IBD
  • Improve body perception and relationship with food
  • Help recover from & treat unhealthy eating habits and/or eating disorders


Plans we offer you!

One hour counseling: €100 (all in)
Including: 60 min. session, dietary intake analysis, extensive personalised nutrition plan based on your needs, goals and desires.

One hour counseling & more: €175 (all in)
Including: 60 min. session, dietary intake analysis, extensive personalised nutrition plan based on your needs, goals and desires,  2 follow-up meetings.

Dietary intake analysis: compact & convenient! €65 (all in)
Including: intake form per mail, dietary intake analysis, personal tips and strategies to optimise dietary intake to reach your goal(s) in optimal health.

• Follow-up meeting 30 minutes: €30 (all in)
• ISAK Body Composition assessment: €45 (all in)
• BIA Body Composition assessment: €25 (all in)(students receive a 10% discount)

(Students receive a 10% discount)


Find & contact a dance dietitian

Karin Lambrechtse – Arnhem & Benelux | +31 6 41403785 | MAIL
Karin is a registered dietitian specialised in dance, sports and eating disorders. She is also an ISAK certified anthropometrist and has 15 years of professional neo-classical dance experience with a.o. Introdans (’03-’13). Karin is currently working as a freelance dancer (dance teacher, choreographer and repetitor), lecturer and speaker. You can find her practice in Arnhem, but an online consultation or a session at your home is a possibility too. More information about Karin can be found here or visit her  > website


Other dance dietitians in The Netherlands

Dansdiëtetiek Nederland has built up a reliable network by collaborating with other certified dieticians that have experience in working with dancers.

  1. Helene van Arkel (Rotterdam) – registered (sports) dietitian, former urban dancer/model > website
  2. Dafna Tsadok-Hai (Amsterdam) – registered dietitian, works with model agencies as well > website
  3. Sandra Buijing (Rotterdam) – registered (sports) dietitian > info
  4. Fleurine Menijn (Haarlem) – registered (sports) dietitian and former gymnast > website
  5. Esther van Etten (Westbeemster) – registered (sports) dietitian > website

If you are a registered dietitian working with dancers and would like to be part of our network? Great! Please send us your details and application through mail.