Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition Workshops

We offer various nutrition workshops, presentations and lectures for all different levels and age-groups.

Our workshops are lively, interactive seminars that can be customized for small and larger groups of dance students, dance teams, dance teachers, dance studios, and professional dance organizations/companies to ensure your organization is performing at its best!

Dancer wellness topics that are addressed include:

  • Nutrition recommendations for dancers: what, how much & when does the moving body need?
  • Get the basics first! Learn the fundamentals of the food we eat and what it’s made of
  • Energy systems used in dance and what role the various nutrients play 
  • Weight management and a healthy body image for dancers
  • Body composition in dance and how to develop your own perfect dancer body
  • Common injuries in dance and how to prevent them with the right nutrition
  • Nutritional strategies: cooking and meal-planning for dansers
  • Meal prep basics: breakfast, lunch, diner, performance nutrition, healthy on-the-go snacks
  • Traveling and nutrition on (foreign) tours



Ballet or modern dance class (60-90 min.) | yoga class (60 min.) | pilates class (60 min.) | additional anatomy and kinesiology of dance movements information | cross-training and conditioning practices for dancers by certified teachers. 


Also available

Nutrition workshops for parents of young dancers! During these interactive workshop we will talk about how to best nourish your child’s body, what foods to pack for breaks and how to teach them to eat healthy to ensure a healthy dancing career in their adolescent phase.


Contact Karin & DDNL to learn more about a dancer wellness & nutrition workshop, presentation, class, or consultation that will help you or your dance students, company dancers to dance at its vibrant very best!

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Workshop nutrition for dancers Dansdietetiek Nederland