What is the aim of DDNL?

The aim of DDNL is to form an evidence-based and professional platform where:

  • …dancers can find a dance dietitian for personal nutrition guidance, plan body composition assessments, get personalized nutrition plans to maximise their health, recovery, training and performance goals.
  • …dance education institutions, dance companies and private dance schools can book various nutrition workshops, inspiration sessions, education programs and find various resources.
  • …everyone involved in the dance world; from dancers, dance teachers, repetitors, artistic leaders, parents to healthcare professionals can find evidence-based information, recipes and guidelines about the right nutrition for dancers.

Next to the above DDNL wants to form the professional body and education institution for registered dietitians specializing (or wanting to specialize) in dance specific nutrition and dietetics. DDNL Is also engaged in scientific research in the field of dance nutrition. Current research platform: DANresourCE


What is the goal of DDNL?

Our goal is to connect, care, share, inform, transfer knowledge, train, educate, design & implement evidence-based dance specific nutrition guidelines and monitor the quality and profiling of DDNL in The Netherlands. Anything dance & nutrition related: yes please!


Who made your pictures?

Jasmine Kamaratih Witjaksono-Wolf > Take a look at her work here

Dancers / models (left to right)
• Jonatan Bulo – freelance dancer & founder of the A-team
• Brooke Newman (Introdans)
• (Karin)
• Meritxell van Roggen (pre-education Artez Dance Academy)
• Lex te Dorsthorst (dance teacher & freelance choreographer)
• Margot Drummen (Moved By)
• Stephanie te Pas (model & dancer)

Photoshoot location: Arnhem Central – Railway Station