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Dancers are creative artists and performance athletes working within a weight class and competitive environment. Meeting the desired aesthetics play an essential and important role in the life of dancers, who are constantly seeking for perfection in body composition, appearance and dance technique. Next to that, the dancer of the modern era is much more versatile trained. Dancers nowadays perform within various dance techniques at a very high level.

All these factors have an impact on dietary choices and intake, energy expenditure and body composition of today’s dancers. To perform at their best, to pursue a healthy and fully enjoyable, vibrant dance career (and after career), dancers need to be adequately and optimally fuelled and acquire the right nutritional knowledge.


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Current research: Nutritional Knowledge of dancers in The Netherlands

Our current research focusses on mapping out the current nutritional knowledge of dancers living and working in The Netherlands. What are healthy food choices for dancers? What should a dancer eat before/during/after long rehearsal hours or dance classes? And what about performance nutrition? We ask all dancers to share their thoughts and knowledge with us! By knowing which nutritional knowledge and skills dancers need/wish to acquire, better adapted and more suitable nutritional lessons, workshops and guidance can be developed by Dansdiëtetiek Nederland.

Who can participate?

  • Dance students (MBO/HBO)
  • Freelance dancers, dancing ≥15 hours per week
  • Professional dancers, working for one of the ‘BIS’ dance companies in The Netherlands


Research Partners

In partnership with The Hague University – HHS, The Hague.

This research combines various dancer health factors and aims to map out and investigate in the current nutritional knowledge of (elite) dance students en (freelance) professional dancers in The Netherlands.

Results will be available from July 2018. When interested, please contact us.